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Who We Are

The Process

Dove Affair Inc. formed EVOD Industries in 2003 with the express purpose of making high-end custom “ONE OFF” wheels and accessories. We wanted to make wheels and other custom parts from the very best materials available, using the best workmanship and design with no compromises. The people involved have been long time car enthusiasts and are very familiar with the specialty car market. We have built many cars from the ground up over the years and are still doing so today. EVOD Industries has assembled the machinery and people required to make a superior product for the discriminating buyer.

What We Do

One of our main focuses is to ensure the customer has an integral part in the design of the product.  We want them to have exactly what they want, and not some “off the shelf” design, which they will see again and again at the car show.  The individuality of hot rodding is what makes it the remarkable sport that it is. We love having customers call us and relate stories of their experiences and interactions with people asking how they ever found the wheels for their cars.  

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